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Tzur medical specializes in distribution of innovative medical devices for healthcare providers.

A well-established supplier in the healthcare market of Israel. 

Tzur medical is a private held company, certified ISO 9001:2015. 

Why? We established the company aiming to introduce innovative products that will meet our customers needs.

By understanding our customers needs we have set the goal, to provide innovative and cost-effective products,

at the highest quality available. We are a dynamic enthusiastic company which aspires for excellence.

How? We are committed to providing the best service to our customers. From the point of view that relationships with customers are lifelong relationships, so if we continue to be excellent, it will pay off for us.

Company operates by the character of the humans who drives it. The company character is based on the human nature of its selected people. Our values, as human beings, are our 'IFU', like operating instructions, which we apply in business, constantly, consistently, consciously and unconsciously. So, as human beings we value reliability, integrity, excellence, creativity, ambition, loyalty, determination. That's not all, there's more ... and not necessarily in that order. It can be concluded, our power source as a business derives from the values of our people.

What? Our focus is on surgical devices and instruments. We specialized in marketing for Orthopedics, Neurosurgery, Spine surgery, ENT\Head & Neck surgery, Intensive care units, Wounds care, General surgical instruments and various other medical products.


Where? Our customers are the hospitals and clinics in Israel. It is the place to mention that, Israel is a tiny country. Its population is just over 8 million and the farthest distance between two hospitals is only 250km. Generally speaking, health status in Israel is similar to that of other developed countries, even though the share of GDP spent on health is relatively low compared to the OECD average. Israel has its own Regulatory Authority, as a division within the Ministry of Health. The MoH has role as regulator, supervisor, planner, and policymaker. The current hospital reimbursement mechanism is not based on DRGs (diagnostic-related groups) as it is done in most European countries, but case payments – PRGs (procedure-related groups), as an alternative to per diem reimbursement.


Who? The Founder, Mor Tzur, has an extensive experience in sales, marketing and business development of medical equipment, including introducing new global companies into the Israeli medical market, with great success in introducing new technologies in various specialties.

Tzur medical established in 2016.

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